A Contemporary Continuation of King Arthur's Court

Tales of the Faerie Forge
Exploring Arthurian and other Fantastical Legends

If the tales of King Arthur were true, given how much trouble and woe has come to the world, what crisis would it take for King Arthur to return?
These stories expand the Arthurian legend, not simply by retelling but continuing the story centuries later in modern times, as we approach King Arthur's return. While we follow our modern day problems we start to learn how the legend truly unfolded.
The story channels a variety of influences: Oberon and Titania rule the Fae as Gods, Creator, and Fate. There is a heavy emphasis on life, rebirth, and the soul's journey, as the concepts of reincarnation are central to the conflict between the humans, who reproduce, and the Fae, who are reborn.

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