My characters aren’t so Accepting of the impending conclusion

Accepting the Mantle is still in progress. Jamie and Drea are desperately trying to extend their time in the spotlight and keep fighting to make this longer or into another book.
So let me tell you why this is good and bad.
The Phoenix Succession I always imagined is how we bring King Arthur back, but we can’t even appreciate the bigger threat yet. In the original myths his birth was a big deal, but only (near) the start of the story.

So I am struggling with how much I foreshadow vs kick off the next arc, Recruiting the Round. What comes next is to also expand the cast. I see this similar to the MCU, where we follow the adventures of several folks that will come together for the bigger world events. Alternatively not quite as galactic as the Cosmere. For one thing, Raebyn is very different than Hoid.

What do you think of overlapping series?

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