Elemental Magic

The first tier of the fae magic system follows the classical elements: Water, Earth, Wind, Fire. (In the fae realms Earth is more often called mineral, since they are┬ánot of earth) Fae shape the elements, they are able to move one of the substances. The amount and distance they can control is both a combination Read more about Elemental Magic[…]


The Lady of the Lake forged Excalibur and eventually gifted it to King Arthur.

Appearance: Titanium gilds the grip and lines the Ricasso. Diamond in the pommel, rubies in the cross guard, with smaller darts of diamond outlining the fuller on both sides.

History: Created by Viviane, Lady of the Lake …. Escal – i -bor. Break / Hard. It is called the breaking sword, it destroys whatever the wielder can control.