September 11, 2016

Sword in the Throne

Merlin knew Arthur would return, but at what cost?

Jamie discovers his hallucinations are fae spirits stealing life, and joins his childhood friend Drea in her quest to banish them. Along the way he accidentally unlocks a traitor’s healing ability, who in turn uses it as a sign to prove he is King Arthur returned. Drea has given up on the Phoenix but Jamie has not, and learns more about his magic from Viviane’s family. Not satisfied with the grail, the false Arthur’s search now spans the faewilds and the Earth.

Can they stop the impostor Arthur’s crusade when the one thing they need most to stop the fae is the most sure sign of Arthur’s return itself… to draw the Sword from the Throne.

Available at several stores, digitally for $4.99. Physical $9.99.

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Continues the adventure started in The Phoenix Grail